HohmTech Hohm Life V1 18650 Battery - 3.7V - 3077mAh - 36.3A - Pack of 2

Designed for those that wish to feed insanely power-hungry devices without having to swap batteries every other minute. These are rated by Indonesia Chemistry at 3077mAh capacity, with a CDR of 20.7A and a pulse/peak rating of 36.3A. All ratings are subject to meet and/or exceed strict limitation policies set forth for DLr1, TID2, PVDL3, CLR4, mΩR5, and Temperature (°C). Hohm Life is built from the NMC chemistry formulation, with manganese inert compound replaced with additional proprietary levels of cobalt & nickel as well as added custom bonding agents to achieve unprecedented capabilities. It is further enhanced with components from industry leading manufacturers that give it the heartbeat of Hohm Tech.

DO NOT charge over 4.2v or discharge below specified cut-off volts.

Density Loss Ratio
Thermal Image Distribution
Pulse Voltage Drop Limitation
Cycle Life Retention
Resistance Retentivity Pre|Post
‌Modified cathode tag consisting of higher purity aluminum is utilized to aid in lowering internal resistance
‌Updated poly seal with refined bitumen is installed in every cell to ensure excess pressure is controlled
‌Each cell is fitted with our proprietary EPTC (Enhanced Positive Thermal Coefficient) ring with higher multiplier of resistance
‌Every cell is equipped with 2-stage CID (Current Interrupt Device) system to aid in overcharge prevention

Keep out of reach of children and pets.
DO NOT store or carry batteries unprotected.
DO NOT use lower resistance (Ω) # OR exceed any cell limitation.
DO NOT install, use, or charge backwards or improper configuration.
DO NOT use a battery that has ANY dents, tears, punctures, or any other damage at all to its structure or outer label wrapping (risk severe burn injury). Inspect each battery carefully before use. This ensures safe, reliable, consistent operation, and functionality.
DO NOT use if hot to touch. Risk severe burn injury and explosion.
DO NOT charge over 4.2v or discharge below specified cut-off volts.
* Lithium ion batteries have inherent risks that can cause severe burn injury, fire, or an explosion if not handled and used properly. Always use in compliance to an application’s power requirements and proper use that is within battery capabilities.

Hohm Life 18650 3077mah 36.3A 11.38whr


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