Product Description:

20 Pre-Cut strands of Cotton with plastic sealed ends. No twisting, rolling and having to measure out your Cotton every single time that you go to wick your device. All you have to do is thread the tip through the Coil, snip off the ends, and tuck! With COTN Threads, you get the right amount every time. Fast wicking, long lasting and absolutely no taste! You will be able to taste your juices the way they were intended to be enjoyed without any interruption from unpleasant tastes due to low quality materials being used.

Product Details:

20 Threads Per Bag
Thread Diameter: 3mm
Fast Wicking
No Tastes 
Certified Organic 
Last Longer (Avg. 2 Weeks)
Easy to Work With 
Softer Cotton, Wicks Easier
Absorbs Liquid Faster and More Evenly
Resealable Travel Sized Bag
Pharmaceutical Grade Cotton 
Made in USA